Moving Day

Moving day.

Actually, more accurately described as ‘jump the gun day’ because we had convinced the ex-husband-of-the-deceased-vendor-to-persuade-the-executor’s-solicitor to let us have access to the property before payment was fully made.

Partially overwrought with excitement, partially in state of shock, but mostly, exhausted by the anxiety of the whole acquisition process, my wife and myself and the boys sat down in the evening amongst an ocean of unopened boxes and scattered cushions and heaved a collective sigh.

I’d like to say now how we had ear to ear grins and hugged each other and chatted excitedly about the big move.

I’d like to say that. But in truth the ‘will it happen/wont it happen’ nature of buying property in Wales meant we had burnt ourselves out and we sat, feeling a little flat, contemplating which beds we should build for the approaching night.
Cae Gwyn_moving in 29Aug
What would tomorrow bring? Luckily, we learnt that a good night’s sleep in the fresh dark silence of the countryside can work wonders…

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