When is a decision not a decision?

Cae Gwyn_dressing salon vegetation


Some decisions are made after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

Some are made by the heart and validated by the mind using clever justifications.

And some, well they happen in an infinitesimal blink of an eye – and are simply inescapable.

Seeing Cae Gwyn was like that. It ticked all the boxes, except somehow in this case we didn’t even know what many of those boxes were – Go live in the countryside. Refurbish 19th century stone buildings. Harden up for demanding physical work.  Send the boys to a Welsh language immersion school. Adjust from terraced home to acres of pastureland between houses…

Those decisions, the ones you never see coming, well they always seem to indicate big changes afoot. And its not like the house purchase was easy and it was ‘meant to be’.

But purchase we did.

Next…my god what have we done!

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