A third way…(cont’)

Can you really plan adventures(a contradiction in terms?).

I don’t know many people who could carefully plan new directions for their middle life decades….it’s more a case of being open to possibilities – no matter how unexpected – as they fall across your path. And inevitably being open minded means more possibilities will pop up.

Our possibility hit us between the eyes one day while we were out house hunting. Somewhat disillusioned by the whole home buying process, we had low expectations as we drove with an agent down a byway and through some unkempt gates to see…a proud Georgian country home. This looked promising.

Although unoccupied for 2 years, the home was in reasonable nick….ignoring the pervasive damp and the jungle masquerading as the orchard. More importantly it had wonderfully proportioned rooms – not a huge number mind you: some quite grand, some quite intimate, and most sharing the huge view into the Vale of Clwyd (which richly deserves its designation as an ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’).
The previous owners had done a major refurb in the 90’s and made some wise additions, but the 90’s décor – complete with sponge finish wallpaper and acres of halogen downlights – was a bit of a worry.

But of more interest were the outbuildings: a large ex-farm building and garage; ridiculously cute bothy (traditional workers sleepout); old stone stable block with tack room; stallion stable and storage room with loft room above; adjoining new stables with open box.

Now, in our central London (N1) 2-up/2-down we couldn’t have swung a cat in most rooms, and an outbuilding was unheard of. But who cared, London was on our doorstep and offered so much. The possibility of moving to something of this scale was intimidating, well beyond anything we had contemplated. Was this home the ‘possibility’ we had to be open to?

Next….what to do?

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