A third way OR how in god’s name did we ever end up in North Wales!

Wellies at front door bathed in soft sunset

Wellies at front door bathed in soft sunset

You may know them.

People who come into the world with every day of their coming lives carefully set out – planning their career while still in the womb, marrying their high school sweet heart, eating the same cut lunch every day, slouching in the same seat for every commute.

I can’t honestly say we are like this, or have many friends like this.

Other people get swept along by life, never planning anything and falling into life scenarios by chance and circumstance – and never staying put for very long.

We lie somewhere between these two, exactly where is hard to tell.

So what? Well, we have been inspired by marvellous friends who have made plans for middle life adventures. Who will shift to exotic places with fabulous food and culture – well, they will do once the kids leave home and the bungalow is sold up.

This got us thinking. What if life isn’t just: fraught teenage years…lively 20’s…the settling down decade of the 30’s with marriage and kids…the more mellow 40’s…the progressively ‘calmer’ decades of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

What if you had gone to university rather late and done a degree that set your mind racing? What if you had somehow ended up in London in your mid-30’s and been seduced by all it had to offer? What if you had married and had children in your 40’s (loving the experience and all it threw at you)….could you really resign yourself to a quiet decline into middle age?

How about deciding each decade could be an adventure, each decade could be a new experience.

What adventures would you choose…how would you go about it?

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